Greetings, visitors & followers of Hutchins World Travel!

We've now reached the wonderful season known everyone as autumn, or to a lot of people, simply fall. In the coming weeks the air will start to have more of a chill, while the foilage on the trees will start turning its familiar orange, red, brown and yellow hues.

Some of you followers already know that my birthday just happens to be in this glamourous season. It's actually quite close to Halloween, and there's nothing wrong with that! Parts of rural New England and Michigan's Upper Peninsula has some of the best fall scenery anywhere. Visiting Germany during their famed Oktoberfest is yet another fall getaway that never gets old. Wunderbar!! Of course, you might not be a devoted autumn follower like myself. However, we here at Hutchins World Travel is ready to plan for whatever destination in the USA or abroad you wish.

Should any of our followers DO travel during this time of year, please make sure that you and your loved ones have gotten their COVID-19 shots (or booster shots, if needed) because there shall be places across the globe that have cracked down on those travelers that haven't gotten either of those vaccines. This could mean you could be denied entry into that city or country until further notice. So to all you Karen and Ken wannabees out there, do the world a favor- shut the hell up and GET VACCINATED TODAY!!

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