Summer's Last Blast (August) Has Begun

Just got into August. Yes, it's still summer, yet we all know that school has or will start up for another season by month's end. (Sorry kids. Parents rejoice!) You do have a chance to make the best of what's left of the warm summer days by planning a trip to your favorite destination. This is where your friends at Hutchins World Travel comes in to help you out. 

When you do make your travel plans, please make sure that you've gotten your vaccination shots. Monkeypox has been spreading COVID-like across the USA, so have those masks ready. We can't predict what you'll find out when you arrive at the airport, where it's gotten more chaotic than ever before due to short-staffing and ungreatful TSA agents. For all travelers, all we can possibly say for advice is to simply plan ahead. Better times will hopefully be around the corner.

As always, please feel free to contact us should you have any traveling questions or comments.

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hwt, a proud lgbtq+ member in the rockford area since 2010, welcomes everyone, regardless of how you identify yourselves. we love our customers!


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Remember folks, Hutchins World Travel can still can be found on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter & Youtube.  Video consultations can be made on our Skype page. Don't forget we still do have a booking site via IntelTravel.com by clicking here. We hope to hear from you throughout 2022!! Let us know you heard of us!