Greetings, everyone. Happy 2021 to you all and may everyone out there have a safe, prosperous and blessed new year. 

We're still in a pandemic mode, so please, wear your masks until further notice, especially if you're planning to do some traveling abroad sometime this calendar year. You are always welcome to drop me a line if you are interested in any particular destination. Responses via email are always guaranteed. Contact me at HWT if you would like a video face-to-face conference for any travel questions or potential bookings.

COVID-19 issues aside, there are many places out there that are still open for business and would be more than happy to have you come and visit them...and of course, spend your money! Just behave yourself while on the plane, okay?

Keep in touch with HWT on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for the latest travel information. You can also browse the booking site by going right here.

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